Website development: Vibrações

Especially for young people, it can be challenging to access reliable, pleasure based SRHR content, linked to a larger sexual health ecosystem. I provided guidance and assistance to professionals from Universidade Catolica de Moçambique and Coalizão to develop the website Vibrações.

For Aidsfonds, together with Maastricht University and WitsRHI.

campaign development WHO: #WhatIWillchange

What valuable changes have you made in your life during the Covid 19 pandemic? Share it with the world and inspire others. Post your ideas with #WhatIWillChange

This online campaign was made for the WHO, with CAST Animation and Good Copy Ink.

ehealth development: PErsonalized advice tool

For many young people in Africa it is challenging to go to a health clinic. Luckily, you can find a lot of of information online about contraceptives. But what is the right contraceptive for you? To help with deciding this, I created this personalized advice tool for B-Wise, South-Africa. Contraceptive Advice by Dr. Vuyi.

Contraceptive tool for CHAI & B-Wise. Technical support by Ampersand Studio.

training: video development

Making a good video is difficult. Making a health promotion video may even be harder. I provided a training at the Universidada Catolica de Mocambique (Beira, Mozambique) for (medical) staff and students do just that. Let’s develop a video in a week. One of the best weeks ever.

This training was part of a NICHE program. In cooperation with Maastricht University, Dutch Royal Tropical Institute, Aidsfonds, UCM and ISCISA. And the much appreciated help from the excellent team from Mango Sound.

campaign development: Sense Ask ME Anything

Launching your renewed SRHR website might not be newsworthy to the mainstream press. But asking two of the most influential YouTube gamers to do a AMA session on sex, was definitely worth a visit for the target audience. Both entertaining and educational for a large online crowd.

For with Hanneke Roosjen, David & Revé from DDG and realisation by DPDK.

Campaign development: Try Before You fly

Before you buy something you are going to wear, you usually try it on. So, why not with condoms? This is the idea behind the Try Before You Fly condomshop and marketstalls. The shop had an actual fittingroom. We intended to get ‘the condom’ back on the national agenda as an effective prevention method against sti’s and unwanted pregnancy.

For Soa Aids Nederland and the regional health services. Concept with Chunk Creative Agency and Behavioral Designers.

ehealth development:

When it come to providing personal health advice, AI just not cut it yet. When 95% accuracy isn’t good enough, you need an alternate approach. is a prime example of how to use technological innovations as a means to an end.

For Soa Aids Nederland, with Koenraad Vermeij, Wessel Zweers, Martijn de Natris and Hanna Bos. Realisation by Sjoerd van Dijk (Ecreation) and DPDK.

Training: campaign development

Developing a campaign to promote healthy behaviour is even more challenging than other campaigns. In this week long ytraining I took a group of teachers, staff and students of UCM and ICSICA (Mozambique) through the basics of Intervention Mapping, The Theory of Panned Behaviour and more. The endresult was a campaign for the faculty

This training was part of a NICHE program. In cooperation with Maastricht University, Dutch Royal Tropical Insitute, Aidsfonds, UCM and ISCISA

training: Entertainment education

Entertainment education is not just theory, there are loads of valuable practices to be shared. I regularly provide guest lectures on this topic. Either physically or from a distance. For the Erasmus University or the Netherlands School of Public and Occupational Health.

With Prof. Dr. Martine Bouman and the Center for Media & Health.


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